vrijdag 20 juni 2014


Crop top - H&M (old)
Cat bag - H&M
Mom jeans - Boohoo
Creepers - TUK

Hey everyone!
Here I am with another outfit post! I have been absolutely in love with mom jeans, and so I ordered a pair from boohoo. I don't know what it is but I guess they made their sizing smaller because I always was hanging between an 8 and 10, so I ordered a 10 and it's like I can fit in but I can't sit of dance around. But you know, sacrifices have to be made in the world. Anyways, hope you like it!
Kisses, Lea <3

woensdag 18 juni 2014


Hi guys!
So I just wanted to do a quick update, since I have my own laptop. Finally yaaay. So now I can post whenever I want since that was the main reason I didn't post that often as I used to. Funny story about my laptop tho.
I went to the store with my  (since I would get the laptop from her because I graduated YAY) and boyfriend. I picked one. I went home. The keyboard wasn't working. At first I was like, oh well I guess I'll just have to activate it then. So I went surfing on the internet (on my phone, obv), and the only thing I could find was about the mousepad that you could lock and unlock.
So I went back with to the shop, and they said they I could exchange it. But I also needed to return the packeging it came in, which I didn't bring with me. So I needed to go home and get the stuff I needed. That kinda was the story, after 1,5 hour waiting I finally got a good laptop! Yay. Great.
Anyways, I hope I will be able to post more often now and I hoped you enjoyed you with my little story although it really depressed me.
Love! Lea

maandag 9 juni 2014


Mom jeans - River Island
Shoes - The Bronx

Hi guys!
So I know I'm really absent, no good excuse for that. Only thing I thought is that I would have a lot more time when I'd have finished my exams, turns out I don't. Anyways, last friday I went to Amsterdam with my dad and I got these amazing mom jeans from River Island. Also my shoes are new, from a brand called The Bronx which I didn't know before, but I do reallym like these shoes. And, the pink in my hair is fading to  orangie kinda color. Hope you liked it!

Ps.I was just searching online for a site to buy the shoes at, and I found out that they're on sale. And I didn't get them on sale. Great.