zaterdag 29 maart 2014



Luanna Perez.

Sasha Pieterse. (from PLL aaaah!)

Sara Fabel.

Hi guys!
So I know, this is kinda a different post than I do most of the time, but hey, difference is good right. I thought I'd share some of my drawings, since I loooove drawing. I've been drawing since I was born, and everyone around me was always really enthousiastic so that was the one thing that kept me motivated. The mother of my best friend once said to me that people who are always really energetic need something in their life to calm down from. I guess drawing is my 'something' haha! If you want to be updated about my drawings, follow me on Instagram and every once I a while I will put them on my blog. Hope you liked it!
xoxox. Lea. 

donderdag 27 maart 2014


Blouse - Stolen from my boyfriend geheh, Lacoste
Leggings - Were a gift
Heels - Jeffrey Cambell Lita's

Hello and goodday everyone!
This week has been so stressfull since I have 6 tests and no other hours of school, and since I messed up math I thought it'd be time for a break. As some of you know, I love stealing clothes from my boyfriend haha. I think men clothes are just way more comfortable, and with some leggings and heels it's still feminine. Hope you liked it!
Kisses! Lea.

maandag 24 maart 2014


Maxi skirt worn as midi - H&M
Creepers - TUK

Hi guys! 
I'm soo excited, I got these shoes for my birthday and they are just perfect. I mean, just look at them. Perfection itself. Lately I've been really loving midi skirts and dresses, so I just grabbed my maxi skirt en made a knot in it so it's a midi skirt! I think it's a really good invention. One more thing, you should really listen to the song 'My world' from Iggy Azalea, it's amazing. I know it's old, but still. Hope you liked it and don't forget to follow my blog with bloglovin' or Friendconnect!
Love! Lea.


zaterdag 22 maart 2014



Top - THE STING, Twenty Three
Skirt - Bershka
Fanel - H&M

Hi guys!
So I have another outfit post for you guys, something that is an everyday thing but still a little dressy. I really wanted to post this wednesday, but somehow I didn't get to it and every other day in the week there's  no time to blog for me.. Lately I've really been into black and white, with more interest in the black part, but I since don't own a lot of black my days have been depressing about what I should wear. Also, I'm kinda expirimenting with editing my photo's. I was going for the look Luanna Perez gives her photo's, but idk. I don't think it looks a lot like it haha. Anyways, I hope you liked it and if you did maybe you could share it with some of your friends! Don't forget to check out my instagram or lookbook, and to follow my blog! All listed on the side and at the end of my post.
xoxox. Lea.

maandag 17 maart 2014



Sweatshirt - New Yorker
Jeans - New Yorker
Running shoes - Nikies

Hi guys!
So this is just an outfit I'd chill in, kinda basic really haha, something I'd wear when I don't feel like dressing up or anything. I got these shoes from my sister, she needed new ones anyway. Hope you liked it and don't forget to follow my blog! Also, I made a Tumblr account, so definitally check that out!
x Lea.

zaterdag 15 maart 2014



Top - New Yorker
Velvet leggings - H&M
Cardigan - H&M

Hi everyone!
Been a long time since a made a blogpost, I know. I have another outfit post for you guys tho. I really wanted  a shirt with a mesh/seethrough back, an now I finally have one :) It isn't the best quality, but it's soft and I'll probably wear this thing a lot. I've been wearing this cardigan soooo much since I have it, layered or just this. I just love it. I also have another video upcoming for you guys, and since tomorrow is my birthday (YAY!) I'll make another video on what I got. Hope you liked it! Don't forget to check out my instagram or lookbook to be updated, and to follow my blog! All listed on the side and at the end of my post.
xoxox. Lea.

PS. Pictures a a little crappy :( Sorry!

dinsdag 11 maart 2014


Hiii everyone!
So as I told you a few weeks ago I had a 'photoshoot' with a friend of mine, and I thought I'd share some more pics with you guys. So I hope you liked it!
Kisses! Lea.

zondag 9 maart 2014




 Crop top - THE STING, Twenty Three
High waisted pants - New Yorker

Hi guys!
Oh my goood I am sooo sorry for ditching on my blog this week. It has just been soo busy. Anyways, hope you had a great weekend and here's a new outfit post! I absolutely looove high waisted denim trousers, and now I finally have one! This is just an outfit I would wear to school or something, just the basic kinda thanggg. Sooo I hope y'all liked it!
xoxox. Lea.

dinsdag 4 maart 2014


 Rachel L from I hate blonde // Mistaken for strangers 



Fleur C from Pour les femmes // Blooming

Karina L from Patterns & colours // The best look

Kendall C from Galore beneath the stars // Giveaway pics

Amy Valentine // Ambience/limousine

Hi guys!
So here are my monthly favs (from february, obviously). I guess you'll see Amy Valentine in this kinda posts every moth. Sorry can't help it haha! Anyways, hope you liked it and don't forget to check out my instagram or lookbook, and to follow my blog! All listed on the side and at the end of my post.
Loveee, Lea.

zondag 2 maart 2014


 Dress - Boohoo
Heels - Jeffrey Cambell, Lita

Helloo everyone!
Last week I went on a trip with my mom, stephdad and sister and.... My mom treated me, and got me a pair of Jeffrey Cambell Lita's! Aaaah, I'm so happy. I wanted a pair for so long now, and since I'm taking my finals this year, I also have prom this year yaay! So I wanted a pair of Lita's to wear to prom. I actually wanted the irridescent ones, but they are no where for sale anymore.. I think I'll do a video on these beauties. And this dress from Boohoo is just soooo cute, I absolutely love the floral print. Hope you liked it!
Love! Lea.