zaterdag 29 maart 2014



Luanna Perez.

Sasha Pieterse. (from PLL aaaah!)

Sara Fabel.

Hi guys!
So I know, this is kinda a different post than I do most of the time, but hey, difference is good right. I thought I'd share some of my drawings, since I loooove drawing. I've been drawing since I was born, and everyone around me was always really enthousiastic so that was the one thing that kept me motivated. The mother of my best friend once said to me that people who are always really energetic need something in their life to calm down from. I guess drawing is my 'something' haha! If you want to be updated about my drawings, follow me on Instagram and every once I a while I will put them on my blog. Hope you liked it!
xoxox. Lea. 

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