zaterdag 15 maart 2014



Top - New Yorker
Velvet leggings - H&M
Cardigan - H&M

Hi everyone!
Been a long time since a made a blogpost, I know. I have another outfit post for you guys tho. I really wanted  a shirt with a mesh/seethrough back, an now I finally have one :) It isn't the best quality, but it's soft and I'll probably wear this thing a lot. I've been wearing this cardigan soooo much since I have it, layered or just this. I just love it. I also have another video upcoming for you guys, and since tomorrow is my birthday (YAY!) I'll make another video on what I got. Hope you liked it! Don't forget to check out my instagram or lookbook to be updated, and to follow my blog! All listed on the side and at the end of my post.
xoxox. Lea.

PS. Pictures a a little crappy :( Sorry!

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