vrijdag 31 januari 2014


Sweater - Bershka
Skirt - Bershka
Blouse - H&M

Hii guys!
So I thought I'd do a quick post, this is just what I wore to school today. I absolutely love the music of The Rolling Stones, and I thought it would be perfect over this blouse. Just keeping the bottem simple. Hope you like it! Don't forget to follow my blog, instagram and/or lookbook!
xoxox. Lea.

woensdag 29 januari 2014


Jumper - New Yorker
Black Shorts - H&M

Hi guys!
So a little while ago, I went to this event 'Vintage per Kilo'. The name says it all, there is vintage clothing you can buy per kilo and different pieces have different prices, like, skirts are 12 euros per kilo, and jackets 15. I bought two skirts which I'll be costumizing since they're a  little different than my liking. This is the outfit I wore that day, hope you like it! There are only a few photo's, because I didn't have that much time.. Sorry!
xoxox. Lea.

maandag 27 januari 2014


Hii guys!
Sorry for not posting in so long! And omg you guys, I just found these creepers online and they are sooooo amazing, I just NEED to have them. I wanted to have a pair of creepers for a while now, but I couldn't find the perfect ones for me.And now I have. And I'm in love. Sorry for me being in love with shoes. If you want them too, you can buy them here.
Love! Lea.

Ps. I just love them.

dinsdag 21 januari 2014


Tee - Pimkie
Leggings - Primark
Beanie - Frankie Phoenix

Hi everyone!
So sorry for the lack of posts.. Is has been and still will be such a busy week for me, I have 7 tests in 5 days. So here's the outfit with my new beanie I showed in my other post, hopefully you like it! It's really nothing special, just a regular every-day outfit. And my leggings are sooo comfy and warm, I just love them. Soon my testweek will be over, so I can post more often! Hope you have a wonderful day!
xxx Lea.

zaterdag 18 januari 2014


Hiiii everyone!
I really need to sh are this with you all. Yesterday my new beanie from Frankie Phoenix arrived, and it's sooo awesome. It says 'MERMAID' in drippy, slimey letters. What more could I ask for? I'm absolutely in love with it. I also ordered my prom dress, which I'll be showing as soon as it has arrived. It's from Motel Rocks, so you can guess what kind of dress it is.. Haha. Hope you liked it!
xxx Lea.

woensdag 15 januari 2014


Dress - H&M
Jacket - STING, Amy & Ivy

Hi everyone!
I received my H&M package a few days ago, I ordered a skirt (from my last post) an this dress. This dress is sooo cute, only thing is that it's too short :(.. I'm a little expirimenting on my pics, I really like the way these turned out though. I also changed a few things about my blog, als you can see. My week is really busy because testweek is coming up, so hopefully I get to post.. Hope you liked it!
xxx Lea.

maandag 13 januari 2014


Skirt - H&M.
Denim jacket - Forever21

Hellooo everyone!
Sorry for not posting in so long, I'm really busy at the moment because school is killing me. Here's my new skirt from H&M, I really love the floral print.I paired it with just a black tee to make the skirt stand out. Just my denim jacket in case it gets cold, hope you liked it! Oh, and as you can see, the pictures are a little different, I just thought I'd do something else.
xxx Lea <3.

dinsdag 7 januari 2014


Hellooo everyone!
I just really felt like posting this, because I've been searching for a coat like this for sooo long. And then yesterday I went to a shop with my mom and I was in love. And it was on sale so that was even better. It was €100 and because of the sale it was €60. This coat is so warm and fluffy, and it was actually the last one hanging there so it's size is XXL but I don't mind. The brand is WE. Hope you liked it!
xxx Lea <3.
Ps. I've been to the barber, do you guys like it?


Hallooo iedereen!
Ik vond echt dat ik dit moest posten, want ik ben al zoooo lang aan het zoeken naar een jas zoals deze. En gisteren ging ik met mijn moeder shoppen en ik was gelijk verliefd. De jas was ook nog in de sale! Eerst was hij  €100 en na de korting was hij €60. Hij is zo lekker warm en zacht, en het was de laatste die er hing dus het is wel maat XXL maar dat maakt me niet uit. Het is van het merk WE. Hopelijk vond je het leuk!
xxx Lea <3.
Ps. Ik ben naar de kapper geweest, vinden jullie het leuk?

zondag 5 januari 2014


My 2013 favourites.

#1. Lipstick.
I'm really sorry for all of you who want this lipstick, you can only buy it in the Netherlands. I just love the color, and it's matt. I got this for Christmas, my mom knows exactly what I want haha. Oh and I forgot to photographe the number, it's 06.

#2. Mascara.
This is absoluteley my favourite mascara ever.

#3. Makeup remover.
This isn't really just my makeup remover; it's my whole 'collecton' of Nivea. The first one is a cleansing milk, it makes my skin sooo soft and it's just amazing. The second one is a tonic, just to clean my face with after I removed my makeup. The third one is my favourite, it's everything in one except for the makeup remover. After I've used it, my oily skin won't be oily anymore, and makes it sooo soft :). Now I've a lot more of Nivea, but I thought I'd only share my favourite 3.

#4. Jacket.
Not much to say about this one. I just wear it a lot. You can see it in almost all of my posts.

#5. Dr. Martens.
Omg. My docs are my everything. I just love them so much. The color is amaazing, I saw these metallic purple ones and I immediatly fell in love with them. The salesman suggested some other colors but I knew I wouldn't find better ones. Yeah. Definitely the best pair of shoes I ever had.

#6. Chocolate.
Ehh not much to say about this one either. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy.

Hellooooo everyone!
Sooo here are my 2013 favs! These are just random things, lipstick, my best makeup remover, jackets I wear too much and that kind of stuff. I hope you liked it!
xxx Lea <3.


Hallooo iedereen!
Hier zijn mijn favorieten van 2013! Het zijn gewoon random dingen, lipstick, mijn beste make-up remover, jacks die ik te veel draag en dat soort dingen. Hopelijk vind je het leuk!
xxx Lea <3.

woensdag 1 januari 2014


 Top - Pimkie.
Leggins - Gift.

Hellooo everyone!
First of all, happy new year! I hope y'all had a wonderful nye. This is my outfit I wore last night, it really isn't something special but it is comfy and warm for the cold weather outside. I've had this legging for aaages now, and I still love it. It's thick, it's warm and it's (look a like) leather. Just my leather jacket in case it gets cold, and my cut out boots to finish it! I know, I wear them too much. Hope you liked it! Happy new year!
xxx Lea <3.


Hallooo iedereen!
Ten eerste, gelukkig nieuw jaar! Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal een geweldig oud en nieuw hadden. Dit is de outfit die ik aan had gisteravond, het is niet echt iets speciaals maar het is comfy en warm voor het koude  weer. Ik heb deze legging al zooo lang, en ik vind hem nogsteeds leuk. Hij is dik, warm en (look a like) leer. Dan nog mijn leren jack eroverheen voor als het koud wordt, en mijn cut out boots om het af te maken! Ik weet het, ik draag ze te veel. Hopelijk vond je het leuk! Gelukkig niet jaar!
xxx Lea <3.