zondag 5 januari 2014


My 2013 favourites.

#1. Lipstick.
I'm really sorry for all of you who want this lipstick, you can only buy it in the Netherlands. I just love the color, and it's matt. I got this for Christmas, my mom knows exactly what I want haha. Oh and I forgot to photographe the number, it's 06.

#2. Mascara.
This is absoluteley my favourite mascara ever.

#3. Makeup remover.
This isn't really just my makeup remover; it's my whole 'collecton' of Nivea. The first one is a cleansing milk, it makes my skin sooo soft and it's just amazing. The second one is a tonic, just to clean my face with after I removed my makeup. The third one is my favourite, it's everything in one except for the makeup remover. After I've used it, my oily skin won't be oily anymore, and makes it sooo soft :). Now I've a lot more of Nivea, but I thought I'd only share my favourite 3.

#4. Jacket.
Not much to say about this one. I just wear it a lot. You can see it in almost all of my posts.

#5. Dr. Martens.
Omg. My docs are my everything. I just love them so much. The color is amaazing, I saw these metallic purple ones and I immediatly fell in love with them. The salesman suggested some other colors but I knew I wouldn't find better ones. Yeah. Definitely the best pair of shoes I ever had.

#6. Chocolate.
Ehh not much to say about this one either. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy.

Hellooooo everyone!
Sooo here are my 2013 favs! These are just random things, lipstick, my best makeup remover, jackets I wear too much and that kind of stuff. I hope you liked it!
xxx Lea <3.


Hallooo iedereen!
Hier zijn mijn favorieten van 2013! Het zijn gewoon random dingen, lipstick, mijn beste make-up remover, jacks die ik te veel draag en dat soort dingen. Hopelijk vind je het leuk!
xxx Lea <3.

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