zaterdag 12 april 2014


1. Turtle neck crop top in black
2. Trans crop top in black
3. Striped crop top
4.Strappy heels in black
5. High waisted acid jeans
6. Denim dungarees
7. Leopard furr coat
8. Striped midi skirt

Hi guys!
So a few months ago I ordered someting from this site, and I've been getting their emails ever since.. Which I don't mind, because I love inspecting what kind of new stuff they have. Anyways, lately I've been checking their site and I saw some really cool stuff. They also had some mom jeans BUT they are not in my size anymore so I went to the corner of my room and cried a bit. Hope you like my wishlist from this cool  site and definitally check them out!
Love! Lea.

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