donderdag 22 mei 2014


Dress - Motel Rocks
Jeffrey Cambell Lita's

Hellooooo eveoryone!
So I'm finally back, I've taken my exams and I must say they went quite well. Except for French. Anyways, as some of you might know I had my prom a few weeks ago and it was really fun. My school took most of the pics but idk what they did with it, but the quality is just really bad. Also my mom made some pics but they're way too dark, so I'm making the best of it. In the first pic, there are me and my 3 lady friends; (left to right) Mariska, Sanne and Shanna. Well y'all know that the boy is my boyfriend and the girl I'm with on the third pic is Shanna again (BFF YA UNDERSTAND). Hope you liked it!
Kisses and till next time!

Ps. I dyed my hair, sorry.

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