zondag 15 december 2013

DIY Shirt.

Hellooo Everyone!
So a few days ago I bought transfer paper, and yesterday I decided to make my own design for my t-shirt. I knew I wanted something with yin-yang or mermaids and I went searching on the internet for inspiration. I picked two pics.

Unfortunately all three are not the quality I wanted them to be, so I had to make my own. I opened Word and typed 'GDVIBES', and pasted a yin-yang and a flower in the document. I also downloaded a new type of letters and with that I typed 'MERMAID' because I loooove mermaids.

So I printed this out (my printer has a 'transer mode', if yours doesn't than you have to flip your picture the other way around so the words are there backwards!) and I then cut the letters out, and layed them on my white t-shirt that's already laying on a ironing board.

Then I took some baking paper and my iron, and I layed the baking paper over the letters, and I clocked with my mobile one minute, and with the iron I went over the baking paper. Make sure you don't do it longer or shorter than one minute because it'll melt or the paper won't come off your shirt! I made sure the baking paper wouldn't roll up by putting my and my dad's mobile on it, I know my phone is soooo beautiful, look at its screen. Oh and excuse the mess around my shirt and all.

I then took off the paper, this is harder than it looks, and waited for it to cool down. After that I put on the baking paper over the letters again, and put the iron on it. Don't exert any pressure! If  that happens, it wil melt anyway. Put the iron on it for about  10-12 seconds and your done!

So this is what it looks like. Today I found out that the S is upside down and the I is a little far away from the B. But I don't care, I'm happy with the result! I will post a look with this shirt soon. Hope you enjoyed!
xxx Lea <3.

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